This site is for the breeders of Croad Langshans in Australia.

We try to build a network of breeders to exchange information and genetics.


Acquiring stock

Every time new stock is obtained there is the chance of introducing pests or diseases to an existing flock, or to infect the new fowls with diseases already present. It may be the end of an heritage flock.

Birds vaccinated against a certain disease will not show the disease, but can transmit the organism and infect non-vaccinated fowls nevertheless.

Survivors of some diseases are carriers of the disease organism for life and can infect other birds.

Keeping more birds than can be comfortably housed is a good recipe for disaster.

It is essential to do some planning before taking the plunge!

Here in Australia the easiest way to acquire Croad Langshans is to join The Langshan Club of Australia inc – some states have their own Langshan clubs as well.

Visiting the shows, looking at live fowls and talking to breeders is a great chance to get to know the breed or find new blood. Some breeders will sell their show birds so as not to endanger their home flock by importing disease from other show birds.

The Langshan Breed Standard book contains a list of serious breeders, as well as a lot of other interesting information.

Know where you want to go!


Buying grown fowls of any age:

It is always best to collect them, but there are also specialised chicken transporters available who do interstate trips from time to time.
Chickens arrive usually very stressed, scared and often hungry or even ill.

To get used to new surroundings, people, food, climate and so on is a frightening experience for every chicken.

Very gentle treatment in quarantine (if possible at least 50m away from other chickens) for a minimum of 3 weeks gives them time to adapt. They will need good food and quiet surroundings. It may also be a good idea to treat them for lice, mites and worms if necessary during this time.
It is important to introduce them slowly to other chickens.

Don't get flustered...


Buying Day-old chicks:

Some experienced breeders very successfully ship day-old chicks, even interstate. Newly hatched chicks can survive on the egg yolk they have absorbed the day before hatching. Chicks older than a day need heat, feed and water.

Some may have been vaccinated against various diseases.

Obviously they need heat, feed and water immediately upon arriving.
Again quarantine is important.

... just streak out....


Buying Eggs:

In Australia eggs don’t travel well interstate as they go by airmail and the pressure change bursts the air bubble. Some breeders seem to be successful with hatching such eggs, but most are not.
Rail or car transport might be an option.
Eggs should be rested for 24 hours before setting.

For various reason fertility may be low; don't have exaggerated expectations.

... and hopefully...
... fly like an eagle!


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