This site is for the breeders of Croad Langshans in Australia.

We try to build a network of breeders to exchange information and genetics.


Nest boxes

Nest box made from an old onion bin thrown out by a local shop. I cut holes and made a lid for it.

Hens like nest boxes to be:

  • easily accessible
  • lined with soft material
  • fairly dark and secluded
  • free from lice and mites
  • large enough for the hen to turn around comfortably.

Standard nest boxes (30 x 30cm) are too small for Croad Langshans.

An egg in the make. 60 x70 cm box, photo taken with the lid removed, so it is usually much darker.

This double nest box has been made from an old wooden box. It has two compartments of 60 x 70 cm each and is 20 cm above the ground. It is 70 cm high and the top can be lifted off for easy cleaning.

It has been lined with bubble wrap and filled with dried lawn cuttings.

To keep nests free of lice and mites a little Pestene® powder can be dusted over the nesting material occasionally.

Croad Langshans 'own' a nestbox and always come back to lay their egg, even if it is a long way away from where the flock is wandering at the moment. If they lay in odd places (unless they are very young) check the nestbox for red mites, and also perhaps for too much light and broken eggs or droppings.

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