This site is for the breeders of Croad Langshans in Australia.

We try to build a network of breeders to exchange information and genetics.



Perches for Croad Langshans should be:

  • wide
  • not too high above the ground, about 40cm, 60cm at the most.
  • drought-free
  • easy to remove for cleaning
This is the roost they like best. It is simply an old pallet, set on upright pallets on both sides. The roost measures 85 x 210 cm, the roost beams are 7 cm wide, 3 cm thick and are spaced 20 cm apart. There is enough space for perhaps a dozen Croad Langshans to peck and bicker.

Croad Langshans can fly to high perches quite well (I have seen one breeder use a perch of about 1.8m), but they should not be made to do so. They are heavy birds and land with a big thump. Problems which have been associated with high perches include bumble foot, egg peritonitis and prolapse.

However, they can (and love to) live up on a second floor as long as there is a decent ladder for them to walk up and down.

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